That ass of bikini babes causes a funny accident

It is completely unpredictable when a car crashed in the middle of a road. Apart from that, the reason was very interesting. There were several hot bikini babes in the pedestrian crossing showing something to the traffic. The Brazilian beauties have worn tiny outfits in Sao Paulo city. There was a car suddenly crashed the front bumper.

What is revealed by the close-up footage?

The close-up footage shows something interesting. You can see that there is a noise after the accident. The hot babes and their tiny outfits distracted the driver. The front is creased after the little accident. Many cars were going slow because the bikini babes amazed the drivers.

What is the actual incident?

The babes were standing at the junction of the roads above the signal, so the drivers are going slowly. There was a driver who failed to stop the car in time and crashed. You can hear a sound of a crash from the video. The crowd cheers up with joy and laugh. The hot girls also see the funny incident. Later or the girls were seen simply walking away the place with the boards in their hands. Slowly without any seconds being wasted the incident circulated all through people’s talk.

What is the news?

The local reports and crowd say that the bikini babes have distracted the driver. It was shared on the social media and local news on that day. The driver told his wife that he had wrecked the car to save a dog. The new extend like a wildfire in the social media. The video footage was the evidence of the accident. This was not yet over, when another case of white car driver failed at stopping and collided with another cares in front. Entire accident was held at junction.

What were the babes doing over the road?

You can see that the babes were carrying advertisement on their hands in the junction of a road. It should not create a mess because the traffic was slow. The local people have reported that the driver is distracted due to the sight of the sexy figure of bikini babes. The funny incident got the following reaction.

  • It goes viral on social media within no time.
  • The crowd was shouting like hell at the incidence.
  • The outsiders and babes also laugh in this incident of car crashing.
  • The girls also stopped advertising after the funny accident occurred all through the roadside.

According to the video, the girls were advertising the placards in the pedestrian crossing. It takes few seconds to distract the drivers. The video goes viral on the social network as bikini babes cause an accident. Most of the cars are going very slow. This video also goes viral on that day. This funny video flooded local news with flashing talent of gorgeous and beautiful ladies with their funny talent. Few cars had to lose their front bumpers due to sudden smash.